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Per the disclaimer shown when entering this site, users of the site assume all responsibility in judgement of the use of this feature.Welcome to GNAHRGIS: Georgia's Natural, Archaeological, and Historic Resources GIS.

Some areas of the state have never been field surveyed for historic resources.This information has been compiled by the Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Natural Resources—Georgia's state historic preservation office—in collaboration with the Georgia Archaeological Site File at the University of Georgia.By using GNAHRGIS, you agree that you have read and understand the 40 to 49 years | To 50 years These layers show point features of relative locations of properties with known structures built 40 or more years ago.GNAHRGIS is an interactive Web-based registry and geographical information system designed to catalog information about the natural, archaeological, and historic resources of Georgia.GNAHRGIS contains information about Georgia's archaeological, natural and historic resources.If no assessment of eligibility is reported for a resource, then it should be assumed that the surveyed property likely meets the National Register Criteria for Evaluation and thus should be considered potentially eligible for the National Register unless shown otherwise .

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SCANNED SURVEY FORMS IN GNAHRGIS: In order to capture photographic images, many original paper survey forms including contact prints have been scanned and incorporated into GNAHRGIS.

Simply put: The only way to know for sure if historic resources exist in any given area at the present time is to go out into the field and check for their presence or absence.

Most historic resources in GNAHRGIS have been assessed by the Historic Preservation Division for their significance and eligibility in terms of the National Register of Historic Places Criteria for Evaluation.

Many of the state's oldest field surveys, predating the mid-1980s, exist only in paper files at the Historic Preservation Division's offices.

No information about these surveyed resources is included in the GNAHRGIS system.

In every case, computerized data in the GNAHRGIS database should be relied upon-do not rely on possibly obsolete data printed on the scanned paper survey forms .

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