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Once inside, Brad embraced Annie, kissing her neck and shoulders before easing the straps of her dress down to kiss her tits.

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I decided to go straight for it, pulled her dress up and shoved my hand down her pantyhose." "Ah shit! " They popped another beer each and Yew lit a cigarette. She's unaccountable and can be as wild as she wants." 'Hm," said Yew. After a moment Yew said, "Do you suppose she realises there is more than one of us fucking her. Seeing Brad fucking Annie's mouth was too much for Tim. She's pretty drunk and really fired up." "Well, let's find out," said Brad. He arched his back and shoved his cock even harder into Annie's cunt. "I've always thought she'd be a good fuck but I never thought it would happen," chuckled Brad. Maybe she let go a bit." "Hey; it wasn't that easy," protested Brad."She's a fuckin' flirt and often gives you the come-on but has always backed away from anything physical before." "Yeah," said Yew. "I've been feeding her champagne since the meeting finished and she skipped the meal."Hold my beer." Undoing his pants he walked around to the other back door, opened it and trawled his cock across Annie's face. He grunted and his arse winked tightly as he pumped her full of his cum.

As soon as it touched her cheek, her mouth opened, searching for his cock. Bringing one hand up she took hold and worked it in and out and round and round, sucking and gurgling. "Let's get her inside for the floor show," said Brad, pulling his cock from Annie's gaping mouth.

Then he hooked her panties and pulled them aside as he guided his cock into her.

Annie arched her hips up as she felt him enter her and she spread her arms out, face forward – bear rug style.

She bent one knee and lifted her other leg to tip-toe.

A few fumbling moments were followed by the rhythmic flexing of Yew's forearm and I could almost hear his fingers sloshing in her wet cunt.

He planted his tongue firmly into her open mouth and they began the grinding, passionate kiss that only hard fucking brings.

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