Obstetric dating and assessment

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Obstetric dating and assessment - Camreall fecam com

If clinical signs indicate a need for resuscitation (ineffective respiratory effort or bradycardia despite gentle stimulation), the cord should be clamped and respiratory support initiated as per NRP guidelines.

The average bias of the Ballard was –0.4 weeks; however, 95% limits of agreement were wide (–4.7 to 4.0 weeks) and the accuracy for identifying preterm infants was low (sensitivity 16%, specificity 87%).

Simplified methods for GA assessment had poor diagnostic accuracy for identifying preterm births (community health worker prematurity scorecard [sensitivity/specificity: 70%/27%]; Capurro [5%/96%]; Eregie [75%/58%]; Bhagwat [18%/87%], foot length CONCLUSIONS: Newborn clinical assessment of GA is challenging at the community level in low-resource settings.

Anthropometrics are also inaccurate surrogate markers for GA in settings with high rates of fetal growth restriction.

Individual courses will vary in both length and specific content according to the particular participants’ learning needs.

Depending on numbers, this course, may take 3-4 hours.

In addition, the Megacode does not test competence - it tests the ability to perform in a simulation based learning activity.

Revised: May 1, 2014Confidentiality: All information in the database is confidential; however the CPS will share NRP data with provincial and national NRP organizations to enable them to monitor the availability of Instructor Trainers and Instructors as well as the provision and number of courses within their area.

Revised: September 1, 2016The Canadian Instructors can then register themselves as having delivered that course for the purpose of maintaining their Instructor status.

The CPS does not have any jurisdiction over health care providers outside Canada.

Courses for new learners or those who have identified more content for performance skills stations (i.e.

checking the equipment, initial steps, medication administration, effective positive pressure ventilation, etc.) may take longer but still include the requisite components: performance skills stations, integrated skills stations and simulation and debriefing. Tailoring each NRP course to meet the learning needs of the participants is a relatively new concept in NRP and may take time to figure out the logistics and timing of each course – it will however, lead to more efficient and relevant courses.

Revised: May 1, 2014It is suggested that a continued position of equipoise be taken regarding neonatal resuscitation with the cord attached.