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She said she worried that writing about the site would only send more people to it, but, she said, "I thought girls had the right to know.""I have people that have been very close to me that were terrified, texting all the boys they ever sent pictures to, terrified they would see themselves on there," she said."For me, it's just an issue of values and morality," she said. The way they were talking about them was absolutely despicable."The "rules" posted on the site prohibit images of underage girls or posting last names. But in many cases, girls' real names are posted with their photos - or are used by men soliciting such photos."I know there has to be some of M- D-.

But there's a shadowy website where users, apparently mostly men, post and request sexual images of young women - they call them "wins." They trade images of former classmates the way previous generations of boys traded baseball cards.

According to Press Club history, Milwaukee artist Frank Enders completed the painting in 1920.

A local woman named Emma Becker is said to be the model and the artwork's namesake. Dennis found the painting odd when she joined the 133-year-old club seven years ago.

New Hampshire's know-it-all is again attempting to micromangage the human resources departments of New Hampshire businesses.

came from a high school friend: "Have you seen this?

Another proposed, "Let's get a Hinsdale thread going. Would love someone to post S- B- or M- S." It's a crime Posting such photos violates a state law passed in 2016 that makes "nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images" a felony. Grella, a detective with the Portsmouth Police Department, is commander of the New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

A conviction could result in 3½ to 7 years in state prison. The images would come to his task force's attention if they are of children younger than 18, Grella said.He said the site administrators provided information that led to a suspect, and the case is actively being investigated.Until recently, Case said, the website had operated mostly underground.The website is on the radar of law enforcement agencies here that focus on cybercrime. He said his investigators have looked into about 20 such cases in the past two years.Grella said so far the managers of the site have been "accommodating" to law enforcement requests to remove posts.Education Southern New Hampshire University has fired an online adjunct professor and apologized to an Idaho student after the professor gave the student a failing grade and insisted that Australia is not a... Sometimes, they do take several years to come back.