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He unloaded the boxes and moved them in place, using his hand truck.The warehouse was hot, it didn't bother Jenny, but the black driver was sweating, she went to the frig and got him a cold water, she reached in and pulled out a bottle.

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"My name is Jenny," she said, "I've seen you a couple of times." She looked at him, he was a well muscled, black man with dark smooth skin, he was a nice guy and she enjoyed talking to him.

It was an easy life, but one without a future, nothing to look forward to.

She was unsure what to do with her life, her direction was not up, or down.

One of Jen's duties was to meet vendors when they made deliveries and repairs. They still saw each other, last time they went to the movies, Jenny gave him a hand job, it was easy in the dark without clothes.

She broke off with her boyfriend three months ago, it was mutual, they just got bored with each other. He was a perfect gentleman, always nice to her, he held her hand during the movie.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.She was stroking the full length of his cock, very gently and slowly. She reached in her purse, all she had was a gum wrapper, she did the best she could and cleaned up.He must not have sex in a while, he tensed up, she stared at the cock, the first spurt was a big one, it went a foot in the air and hit the floor, she was really surprised, the next one on went a few inches and landed on her hand, the rest did the same. Her hand was a mess, she left her hand on his dick, she looked up at him, "surprise! He looked down at her, she was always full of surprise's, this one was over the top.Jenny woke up early, she had to meet a truck for a food delivery.She had to take the call at the warehouse and talk to the guard so they could let the delivery through the gate.She rode her bicycle over and waited in front of the building.