Newark advertiser dating

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Newark advertiser dating

This company was incorporated on April 25, 1914, to market the byproducts of Edison's cement production.

In 1905 its motion picture operations were moved from Manhattan to a studio in the Bronx. This company was organized in New Jersey on May 27, 1901, to develop, manufacture, and sell Edison's alkaline storage battery.This German company began operating in Berlin on April 1, 1904.It succeeded the National Phonograph Company, Berlin, an unincorporated business, and it sold phonographs, kinetoscopes and films, primary batteries, numbering machines, and other Edison products.It was absorbed by the Edison Electric Light Company on December 31, 1886.This company was organized on December 17, 1880, to construct generating stations in New York City.This partnership was formed in Philadelphia in 1890 by William Stockman Pilling and Theron I. The firm dealt in iron, coal, and similar commodities and represented several furnace companies.

It also handled outside sales for Edison's ore business and participated in the business of Edison Portland Cement Company. Bergmann, which had been established in the mid-1870s to manufacture electrical equipment.

The company was officially dissolved on December 3, 1943.

This company was incorporated on June 7, 1899, in New Jersey, to acquire Edison's process and patents for manufacturing cement in the United States and Canada.

This company was formed in Newark, New Jersey on April 24, 1904, to manufacture and market electric vehicles.

Edison acquired a controlling interest in September 1908. Mack in 1912, and the company went into receivership shortly afterwards.

It began operating as a separate company in November 1881.

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