Ncoa updating

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Updated address are imported into Neon CRM in USPS format.

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This allows users to securely and confidentially process an unlimited number of names and addresses through its Licensed NCOA vendors that charge a minimum setup fee and separate usage fee, Accu ZIP Inc.

Overview Pricing Frequently Asked Questions Neon CRM's NCOA Update service, in partnership with Melissa Data, provides updated mailing address data for account records in your Neon CRM database.

This service includes the export of name and address data from your Neon CRM system to be cleaned and checked against the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database, and the import of updated address data back into your Neon CRM system. Address update services are very helpful to complete before a large mailing, such as a year-end appeal or event invitation.

We will overwrite the old address with the new, updated address from Melissa Data.

A report of all addresses changed through the address update service will be provided upon request once the service is complete.

This report includes a list of all addresses, their update status, and the Melissa Data Result Code.

A record of address changes will not be stored in the Neon CRM database itself.Accu ZIP6 also provides an NCOA service to give yourself the best service at the best price. *Real-time processing is the process of batch uploading, batch downloading and batch updating of the names & addresses in your database through our Licensed NCOA processing require at least 100 unique names and addresses. is a non-exclusive Limited Service Provider Licensee of the United States Postal Service (USPS®). This method could take hours or days, even with very small files.If you purchase the Business Package, the NCOA service is included!All files transferred to and from our licensed NCOA site are done through a secure username and password protected FTP connection.