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DATE RET , DUE j RET " DATE RET DUE • US * *■ JAN 28'95 - IRISH TEXTS SOCIETY cum Ann ri A ssnito QAnn SAe^itje P.

in Convent on Merchants' Quay " mention is made (in reference to the tumult at the Convent in 1629) of a Mr. J., suggests that Mc Arthur is an assumed name, and that our poet was Dr. To the Celtic Faculty of the National University, and in particular to Dr. They felt it a shame and a loss that no considerable body of Bardic poetry should exist in print, and they thought it especially desirable that the Contention, which caused such a stir in the Ireland of the early 17th century, should be rescued from the precarious keeping of manuscripts. Very gladly — though perhaps rashly — I availed ni"y T self of the opportunity of testifying my affection and esteem for my dear friend, and of completing, as far as my powers would permit, the work he had begun. O'Nolan had already done much of the tedious spade- work, having collated many MSS. To her is due practically the whole Appendix (page 255), which, except for considerations of printing expenses, would have been incorporated in the body of the book. Sean Clery, the author of poem xxviii., and also of " Cia do bhearras ar Bhreifne " (O'R. Baothghalach Mc Aodhagain's famity was of the Cinel Fiacha, and was situated orignally in W. In the early 17th century they are found scattered over Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Wexford, Tipperary, King's Co., Queen's Co., Leitrim, Longford, Galway, Sligo, Roscommon. as ollamhs of Breifni, and as Brehons of Conor Don and O Conor Faly. ORIGIN OF '■' THE CONTENTION." In the beginning of the 17th century Tadhg Mc Brody, chief poet of Thomond, published a poem "Olc do thagrais a Thorna," in which, by way of a criticism of two poems of Torna (fl. 1315." In a book entitled " Responsio veridica ad illotum libellum cui nomen est Anatomicum Examen P. Thadaeum Bruociinum iilium Darii (Teigue Mac Dary) familiae caput (psoricum profecto) sine equo sine carro aut curru (nisi quod obvio cisio rustico vehebatur cum rustico lubebat), sine veste quae decern valeret norenos iter facientem, quod de O'Briennis cogitare nefas esset." (Cf. Of his poems, besides those here printed, we possess 16 others, about 2,000 lines. He, with his cousin Michael, was educated in the South by Baothghalach Mc Aodhagain (Introd.

Soc, 1808) states that Tadhg was born in 1570, that as bard of Thomond he held the castle of Dunogan (Bar. Clare), and that in 1652 he was murdered by a Cromwellian soldier who threw him over a cliff, saying, " adaij\ -00 fi Ainn Anoif a pf. Domino Thoma Carve Tipperariensi Sacerdote et Proto-notario Apostolico Viennae commorante. 124, " Et ego hisce meis oculis viderim X INTRODUCTION. The above is all the information we have about Mc Brody's life. Celt., iv.), and possibly also by Tadhg Mc Brody (ix. mo ■ÓÁ tja Icáti níorif at5 tlÁ r ACAOITl COf TIA V. Origin of " Contention " The Poets The Manuscripts Metre and Grammar Books, Poems, Poets, Battles, Trees referred to I. It is not easy to explain why so many poets joined in the controversy, nor why the dispute caused such a stir through the land. 141) says that the contention arose " apparently in consequence of a preconcerted arrangement," and that " its object was to rouse and keep alive the national feeling and family pride of the native nobility." Dr. Even supposing that he did perceive the necessity of uniting the Irish chiefs it seems unlikely that one, who in his professional eulogies went out of his way to deny his political convictions, would have been the leading preacher in a poetical crusade for the defence of the old Irish polity. (3) " Mo dhá dhaltán níorsad líúin," a lament for Niall and Core. The third and fourth of the above poems are found in nearly all MSS. This controversy, generally known as " I omarbhaidh (or " Coinn- tinn ") na bhfileadh " caused, to judge from the multiplicity and variety of the MSS., a lively interest everywhere in Ireland. He mentions approvingly the Earl's exploits at Kinsale ! 428), and that he could not have been a Christian, as the poem represents him. He succeeded in this office to Domhnall Mc Daire, probably his brother (O'Curry, RIA. 5, 6) would seem to show that Tadhg's first poem was not published till after the death of the Earls, the second of whom died in 1616. Lhjaix) Cat co n-iorruvo jre Ap A ' A5 €]iora ran e A.r A.1t1 pol Airii INTRODUCTION. Five poems are attributed to him : (i) " Gabh mo theagasg a Néill náir " (T.

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