My neighbor is intimidating me

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My neighbor is intimidating me - speed dating salisbury maryland

I am LEARY of speaking to neighbors about issues like this, where you ask them if they've done something wrong. I don't know where you live, but here, that dog don't hunt...

If she is guilty, she may try to provoke you into arguing or losing your temper in some other way.Every time I find this substance I transplant them and they are fine, when I don't they die.I believe my neighbor is poisoning my plants because she doesn't like me. But I would want to be sure, before making any accusation.Assessing the Situation Avoiding Nosy Neighbors Confronting Nosy Neighbors Community Q&A Humans are social animals, and we find ourselves drawn to live in communities.In high-density areas, however, we are not always able to choose who we live near.Regarding rainbowgardener's suggestion of talking to the neighbour.

You could try that but, accusing or asking if she did it.

I'm considering purchasing a small security camera to watch my plants, I might be able to catch whoever is messing with them. And if it is, can I give my footage to the police, if I do catch someone? If you find that she's tampering with them, I would definitely, at the very least show them to your landlord, and plead hostile loving environment. In the mean time, can you post some pics of your plants? I caught my neighbor robbing my tomato plants with one.

Any insight to what I should do would be very helpful . Since it's not ON your personally owned property, I'm not sure you could do anything as far as law enforcement, but I would definitely call your local enforcement and ask them... THAT is a pretty serious offense, and could actually be a felony offense. If you think it is happening at night get the inferred camera and they will never know they got their picture taken.

Whether you live in a city apartment or a large house in the country, you can probably find a neighbor who infringes upon your privacy.

The important thing is that you handle the situation as quickly and as courteously as possible.

You could also contact the local authority in your area and ask them for advice, as well as asking them if they can help you.

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