Ms project work complete not updating

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If you are tracking tasks and re-scheduling uncompleted work, you should let the tasks drive the project, not the summary tasks.

Does anyone know how the formula needs to be constructed? Use a filter to show only the tasks with your selection flag set to "Yes," then select all of those tasks. Click "Update Project" on the Status group of the Project ribbon. Choose a date for "Update work as complete through:" (default will be the Status Date or today if no Status Date is set.) Then ensure that "Set 0% - 100% complete" is selected. IMPORTANT: Change the "For:" selection from Entire project to Selected tasks. You could automate this with some vba, but the effort is not trivial.

I have zeroed out the project percentage and re-entered based on subtask completion.

The subtasks contain a mixture of tasks with durations as well as milestones which I've set to 100%.

All the subtasks have durations that end before or up to 5/20 and my project has a completion date of 9/26.

Once I set the subtasks to 100% (for the most part), the overall summary task bar is now showing 71% complete through 7/25.

That way you get the option to populate the parent task dates with the total duration from the sub-tasks.

By recording actual values in Microsoft Project, you can evaluate project performance and correct course when necessary.The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. The first three tasks completed by baseline dates and the fourth was delayed a few days.I am using MS Project 2007 and am having trouble updating the summary task bar for the project to accurately reflect the percent complete.When I update the individual tasks' percent complete, it does not appear to roll up to the summary task correctly. I don't recall having this problem with the previous version of MS Project.Summary tasks will only be correct in percent complete when there is 0% completed or 100% completed.

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