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Canadian and a few British manufacturers are also included. A comprehensive and reliable cross-referenced list of needles and substitutes.

Extremely thorough and profusely illustrated with CLEAR photos of virtually every moving part, plus tensions, timings, case refurbishment, etc. Clearly written by an Old Sewing Machine Guy as his cloth-capped picture reassuringly confirms on the cover. An extensive troubleshooting guide with sufficient instructions to help operators maintain their machines.

One model directory that lists all the industrial machines available in the sixties in a vast Excel-type spreadsheet, gives only one line per machine – and still runs to 500 pages!

Singer produced hundreds of domestic models and over a thousand (slightly) different industrials.

Forty-eight years old, living in Melbourne, Australia.

Mother of two daughters (aged thirteen and nine years), wife, and part-time health professional.

Mending sewing machines IS within the capabilities of most people.

So is putting them in the car and taking them to the menders.

Illustrations drawn from Singer and Janome manuals. Care, maintenance and use of treadle machines, with generic information pertinent to a wide range of models (including hand-wound). It dismisses treadles in an introductory paragraph and everything else pre-1960 in the following two pages.

Sound, clear advice on basic tension setting, oiling, timing the shuttle etc. Then it’s onto a limited range of zigzag models (New Home, Brother, White & Pfaff).

Failing a Service Manual, the next stage down is an Adjuster’s (and User’s) Manual, which contains enough information to help keep a machine ‘timed’, at least, and set the correct needle the right way round etc.

Many such manuals are available for free download from manufacturers.

Good advice throughout for sewers, explaining the capabilities and operation of the latest models - decorative zigzag stitching, darning, embroidery, etc.

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    Shipping costs are non-refundable, and the buyer is responsible for all return costs associated with returning a product for refund or exchange.