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The bodies’ abdomens were opened and all organs, except for the heart, were removed and preserved in Canopic jars.The brain, thought to be useless, was pulled out through the nose with hooks, then discarded.

The mummy displays a highly sophisticated mummification technique, and at around 5,500 years old is older than any comparable Ancient Egyptian mummy.

Ancient Greek historians record that the Persians sometimes mummified their kings and nobility in wax, though this practice has never been documented in Egypt.

The body of a Persian Princess which surfaced in 2004 in Pakistans mummy had a nature which turned out to have been forged.

Different civilizations had their own rituals to that end.

Some believed that the dead lived on in the tomb, while others thought of the dead as having gone to a blessed afterworld in some far-distant place.

In China, preserved corpses have been recovered from submerged cypress coffins packed with medicinal herbs.

Although Egyptian mummies are the most famous, the oldest mummies recorded are the Chinchorro mummies from northern Chile and southern Peru.Mummies of humans and other animals have been found throughout the world, both as a result of natural preservation through unusual conditions, and as cultural artifacts to preserve the dead.The best known mummies are those that have been deliberately embalmed with the specific purpose of preservation, particularly those in ancient Egypt, where not only humans but also crocodiles and cats were mummified.The monks of Palermo in Sicily began mummifying their dead in 1599, and gradually other members of the community wished to have their bodies preserved as a status symbol.The last person to be mummified there died in the 1920s.While there are no written records of religion from that time, the beliefs of those who buried Ginger could have resembled the later religion to some extent.

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    At night, I took a few moments to pause and reflect on a job well done, and the part everyone played to perfection.