Methodology for validating software metrics

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Methodology for validating software metrics - conservative christian dating services

Risk Based Testing, Strategies for Prioritizing Tests against Deadlines Hans Schaefer, Software Test Consulting, all other activities before test execution are delayed.

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Finding the worst areas in the product soon and testing them more will help you find more defects.

This can be determined by looking at visibility of functions, at frequency of use and at the possible cost of failure.

Second, one has to test where the probability of failure is high, i.e. This can be determined by identifying especially defect-prone areas in the product.

In this paper we are talking about the higher levels of testing: integration, system and acceptance test.

We assume that developers have done some basic level of testing of every program (unit testing).

Project history gives some indication, and product measures like complexity give more.

Using both, one finds a list of areas to test more or less.

When the time to execute the tests approaches, the product is not ready, some of your testers are not available, or the budget is just cut.

You can argue against these cuts and argue for more time or whatever, but that doesnt always help.

In most cases, trouble was found during design or testing and system owners were glad that problems were found.

In most cases, nothing bad happened after January 1, 2000. Sometimes, you have options to do a lot about lowering product quality.

After doing bad testing you will be the scapegoat for lack of quality.

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