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Seeing the young couple quarreling turns on Lina, and she and Russ then have loud sex of their own.

Russ wants to have shower sex at home, but Lina staunchly refuses because there isn't enough room to prevent them from getting cold.

Russ and Lina go on a date in Venice Beach, where they lived before starting a family. Lina tries to fix up a widower with her friend Abby, but Abby ends up ditching Lina and the date for A. He offers the guest house, which she says is inadequate and refuses. J.'s latest substitute for booze and drugs is "saving" webcam girls. Following a morning fight with Ella, Lina skips out on her Mother's Day brunch.

They find a newer version of the surf shop Russ co-owned with partner Bruce, thinking he capitalized on Russ's surfboard design. is taking him to a strip club, but they first stop at a shiva for the mother of Jerry, Roxanne's new boyfriend. When his latest project, a woman named Gloria (Misty Monroe), goes back to her webcam work instead of following her dream, A. Russ and the girls get to the restaurant to wait for Lina in hopes that she will show up, but Ella refuses to go inside despite coaxing from both Russ and A. After running into Shep and briefly conversing about child-rearing, Lina does show up for her brunch.

Russ and Lina go on a romantic getaway to reconnect, but distractions get in the way of their romance.

While there, they meet the young couple that is having loud sex in the room next to theirs.

On September 30, 2014, FX renewed Married for a 13 episode second season which premiered on July 16, 2015.

The series follows Russ and Lina Bowman, a long-time married couple who, when they are not fighting over debts, child rearing and their declining sex life, are reminded that their close friendship is what drew them together in the first place.At a party that they later attend, Russ is using the bathroom and discovers a massive four-head shower.He then tries to convince Lina to jump in the shower right then and there. J., while Lina goes to a bar with Jess where they dance with younger men.Russ and Lina find that the lease on their rental house is almost up, as new potential renters start dropping by to view the home. Ella wants a pirate costume after rejecting two others that Lina got for her, then says she wants to trick-or-treat with friends for the first time instead of with her younger sisters. Later, Lina agrees to a party at Stacey's house to cheer her up because she's pondering a divorce with Jay. After Russ uses his assistant Miranda to ask his boss for vacation time off, Lina uses Maya's play-date to score a free vacation weekend at a condo on the beach. Russ and Lina skip work to trail their strange guest house resident, whom they think might have murdered his girlfriend.Lina falls in love with the home of a woman who is now dating A. Lina and Russ have a buyer for their rental house, and have to step up their efforts to find a new place. Jay convinces Russ that his marriage to Lina is always "under review." Lina and Russ want to escape from the dull party, so they jump in the pool. At work, Russ's boss forces him to fire Bernie, who is having a hard time learning how to behave appropriately for an office environment.Contrasting the Bowmans' lifestyle are their two close friends: A.