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Last month two men were arrested for allegedly insulting the prince on Facebook and Twitter, although it is uncertain whether they will face charges.At the end of May, Tunku Ismail publicly asked police not to arrest anyone else making derogatory comments about him or his family.

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'The problem is that there will be lots of doctrines and principles promoted that would totally contradict Islamic theology...Posing as English teacher doing good works, he abused children from the age of six months to 12-years-old over a nine-year-period.Since admitting to the charges, Huckle expressed a "deep remorse" for his actions, claiming he was "gullible" and "easily influenced" by external forces.In a letter to the court dated May 23, he described himself as having "low self esteem and lack of confidence with women", although he said that was "no excuse".He wrote: "I am regretful, remorseful and eager to be rehabilitated from this offending behaviour." Huckle was arrested by the National Crime Agency when he landed at Gatwick airport en route to spend Christmas at home with his family in 2014.Among those who signed up for the protest were Deputy Trade Minister Mukhriz Mahathir, the son of Malaysia's longest serving prime minister, Mahathir Mohamed,.

But Mahathir's daughter, Marina, called critics of the court decision 'idiots' in her weblog.

The government had argued that the use of the Arabic word might offend the sensitivities of Muslims who make up 60 percent of Malaysia's 28 million population, while Christians - including about 800,000 Catholics - make up about 9.1 per cent.

The Herald circulates in Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo Island where the indigenous population converted to Christianity more than a century ago and where the word has been commonly used in prayer for decades.

The 30-year-old freelance photographer has been given 22 life sentences and will serve a minimum term of 23 years.

A practicing Christian, Huckle found his victims in poor neighbourhoods of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur.

A Malaysian teenager has been jailed for posting derogatory comments about his state’s royal family on Facebook - days after the crown prince asked police to stop arresting people who insult him online.