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Some researchers have gone so far as to claim that the new wave of drug therapies being developed to boost libido and solve sexual problems represent 'the final frontier of women's liberation'.The biologists do have a point - and the high-testosterone woman is an interesting part of the research.

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But, more often, giving her a compliment will have the same affect.

Dr Moran says that after more than 20 years' experience as an expert in female sexuality, high-testosterone females are not difficult for him to spot 'Though I'd never make a diagnosis without a proper examination, the male hormone does produce visual and behavioural clues in women.

The ring finger is often as long as the index finger, for example.

It's well known that the more sex you have, the stronger your sexual desire becomes.

If you have a 'dry spell', your desire to have sex dies down and you can get into a downward spiral of not doing it and subsequently not feeling like it.

Over the past decade - ironically, since the launch of Viagra for men had the unexpected side-effect of making drug treatments for sex a hot new market for both genders - millions of pounds have been poured into researching the female libido.

It has uncovered some big surprises and some baffling dead-ends.

Female desire also changes over time, though in a different way to men's.

Males are at their sexual peak, in terms of desire, when they're still adolescents.

So is a successful and driven career woman more likely to have a high sex drive than her lesser-achieving sisters?

That was the conclusion drawn from research published this week which showed that women with high levels of testosterone are more likely to be risk-takers - and to have stronger sexual appetites.

Did she go into banking because she had high testosterone levels, or did she develop high testosterone levels because she went into banking?