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These, indeed, are merely placed by Vater in alphabetical order, and consequently make 1 Mithridates. Thus, for the well- known grammatical word “ Case,” they use “ Fhf,” meaning the Danish word “ farholdsform ” (form of relation) : for “ Accusative,” they put “G,” meaning the Danish “ gjenstandsform ” (form of the object) : and from the Islandic they adopt many similar abbreviations. But to each of these gradations he gave its appropriate definition, or description, so framed that the higher desig- nation should include the whole of the lower ; and also, that “ the genus should be found whole and entire in tire sjiecies, and the sjiecies whole and entire in the individual.” 1 It would therefore be necessary, were the above-mentioned classification adojited, that some clear and jirecise definition should be given of a Tribe of languages, a Stock, a Branch, & c., and that each definition should be framed in the manner just stated ; which, jierhaps, in the present imjierfect state of Glosso- logy, would be scarcely jiossible. Others, again, contend that, in the earliest ages, the Roman Tribes were only two; and, in fact, we know nothing of them distinctly before A. 4 The name “ Tribe ” may jierhajis have been adopted by Dr. The collections of Adelung, 1,* and oul Une ' Prichard,* present general outlines of the whole subject; and the laborious and useful compilation of Vater, ‘ Litter atur der Gram- matihen , Lexika, und Wortersammlungen aller Sprachen der Erdej with the additions of Jo LG (1847), points out the sources whence information is to be obtained of above two thousand two hundred Lan- guages and Dialects, concerning which Grammars, Dictionaries, partial Vocabularies, or Treatises, have been formed. The justly-celebrated Grimm says, “ I have abstained from all changes in grammatical terminology, whenever intelligible expres- sions have been generally received throughout Europe, even though some of them may have been perverted from their original significa- tion.” 8 On the other hand, though Rask’s is a name never to be mentioned without honour, it must be admitted that the writings of himself and his followers are often rendered obscure by their em- ploying novel terms derived from languages so little known as the Islandic and Danish, and even these abbreviated. Languages, dialects, &c., are here to be taken as matters of fact, which may be classed according as they fall under more or less general definitions or descriptions, in like manner as Linnseus distributed all the objects of natural history into Kingdoms, Classes, Orders, Genera, Sjiecies, and Varieties. Latliam to express Tribe, the various gradations in his scheme do not apjiear to me to be alto- 6unily . The word “Tribe” is from the Latin Tribus, which is derived by some from tres, three, and supjiosed to relate to a threefold division of the Roman Peojile in early times into Ramnes, Titiense.% and Luceres* But both the etymology and the fact are disputed; for some authors derive the word from a Celtic root, answering to the Latin tei~ra, land; and the Tribus was certainly at first a geograjihical division. 259, when Livy says they were twenty-one,* immediately prior to which time Niebuhr con- jectures that they had been thirty.

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VBINET EDITION OP THE j EDIA metropolitana, blji JClibistb sub abmibantlg llhtstrattb. Eichhoff’s terse and elegant definition, “l’expression de fame humaine,”* is the grammatical standard-measure of our subordinate conceptions of written or spoken language. Glossology, on the other hand, presents to us the History of Languages as a touchstone of the Science of Language. ; and of the Doric to understand Theocritus and Pindar, of whom, however, the latter seems to style his verse sometimes Doric, and some- times Eolic ; for in the first Olympian he uses both expressions : — c Lk Xa A uc'iav a. A recent English vulgarism, “He has cut his stick” — meaning “ he has gone off,” “ he has left his situation” — reminds us strongly of the French colloquial phrase, “ rompre le fetu. Here the word fetu, and in old French festu, is the Roman festvca, a twig, or straw, the breaking of which was a formality used at the manumission of a slave by the vindicta ; and it symbolically intimated that'this was the last act of dominion exercised over him as a slave by the master or praetor. Ingenua, an festuca fracta f Sevva, an libera est ? In our military reports, especially since the beginning of the present century, we find frequent mention of a bivouac, a word pre- viously unknown to our lexicographers and standard writers. The idea of a Circle, for instance, is the mathematical standard-measure of our subordinate conceptions of external circles ; and so, the idea of Language as “ a signifying or showing forth of the mind,” 1 or, in M. ; that of the Ionic to the student of Herodotus or Hippocrates, & c. g., “ tha astrehte se hatlend hys hand “ Then the Saviour stretched forth his hand.” 67. " Erudite research La here combined with Independent thought.*’— Becttisb Guardian. By Nassau William Senior, Esq., late Professor of Political Economy In the University of Oxford. Deprived of such guidance, all attempts to compare and classify languages, with reference to their excellences or defects, would be ' little better than groping in the dark. Yet Glossology, in its present state, opens a wide field for General interesting research. In regard to Nomenclature , I have elsewhere said, “it is my object to change as little as possible received modes of expression.” 1 The prac- tice of very eminent Glossologists, however, has varied in this par- ticular. With sincere respect for the abilities of this eminent Glossologist, I must confess that I cannot entirely acquiesce in this classification, at least as a definitive scheme.

XI., price 5 a, cloth lettered, INTRODUCTION TO UNIVERSAL HISTORY — On the Uses of History a* a Studt, and Ox the Separatiox of the Earlt Facts of Bistort from Fable. To collect together and compare all the modifications of the art of speech must be the work of many Glossologists in successive ages; nor can it ever lie performed without a perfect knowledge of those faculties of the human intellect and will, on which the science of language depends. no pretension to philosophical arrangement ; but in combination with Adelung’s great undertaking, they afiord the best general view of glossologies! I have therefore thrown into the Appendix (A) a Synopsis of the ‘ Mithridates,’ subjoining to each article (where the works coincide) the number of the corresponding page in Julg’s edition of Vater’s ‘ Litteratur.’ To suppose that any one person could so much as peruse all the productions there specified would be absurd ; nor is it necessary here to ofier more than a slight sketch of the materials which have been collected in the principal departments of glossological study. Slight, however, as such a sketch may be, it will be scarcely intelligible unless due allowance be made for the defective state of Nomenclature and Classification in Glossology, at the present day. Thus, according to him, the natives of Somersetshire speak a dialect of the English language; which lan- guage is a Low-German division of the Teutonic branch of the Gothic stock of the Indo-European Tribe.

The Original Edition, with Synopsis and Index by the Editor.

The Original Edition, with Synopsis and Index by the Editor. V., price 6 a, cloth lettered, ; HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH in the First Century.

“ pleasing and good, and worthy of general attention " — United Presbyterian Sfageixine. IX., price 7a 6d., cloth lettered, HISTORY OF GREEK LITERATURE.


" Full of Information, expressed in the choicest language. Vo L X., price 5s., cloth lettered, MORAL AND METAPHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY. His apology for these novelties in nomenclature is, “ that when unnamed additions are made to the system and detail of an art, terms must be invented for them.” This is undoubtedly true ; but then two requisites should be observed : first, that the additions should be indisputably accurate * Univ.

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