Linksys validating identity

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The Fon member or Fon Visitor shall, prior to access, have registered through Fon or through a Fon Partner to be allowed access to a Fon Spot.The Fon Member shall ensure that its agreement with its broadband service ISP allows sharing of bandwidth.

Fon Account Registration Our registration process will ask you for information including your name and other personal information.You must provide accurate and complete information in response to our questions.You must also keep the information that you provide up-to-date.Fon may publish information about the location of any Fon Spot the Fon Member registers within the Fon Network while this Agreement is in force.This is essential for other users to access the Service.Welcome to Fon, by accessing the Fon Network you agree to be bound by these Terms of use of the Fon services (TOU) and Privacy Policy.

Please read these TOU carefully, they affect your legal rights.Fon will notify you of any updates to the Fon Software whenever there is a new available version. If you do not have a router compatible with the Fon Software you may purchase a Fon Router through the Fon Website.Installation and Activation of the Fon Software and Fon Spot Once you have registered with the Fon Network as a Fon Member and accepted the Agreement, you may download, install, and use Fon Software.Fon Members shall have free access to any Fon Spot.Fon Visitors need to purchase a Fon Pass or may be granted with limited or unlimited access in virtue of a Fon promotion or specific agreement between Fon and a Third Party.The Fon Visitor will be able to connect to the Fon Spots after registration to the Fon Network and payment of the Fon Pass as established in the Fon Visitor clause.