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A year has passed since the saiyans departed, their actions still leaving their mark on the galaxy at large and one little blue marble in particular. Trying to survive, the UNSC and the Republic fight back against the Covenant.

Saitama, a seemingly invulnerable hero, faces a self imposed existential crisis. Now he and his brothers fight against the mysterious Foot Clan and their leader the Shredder in an epic battle in this first ninja but kicking season. Follow the teens in their quest to change and change the minds of others. Peter Parker X Marvel-verse Ranma overhears some things that make him question his life in Nerima, then goes to see Dr. While fighting those that came after him, Ranma makes a crazy decision, using the Nanban Mirror to get away from everyone chasing him. Planets Krypton and Vegeta have been destroyed, but both had survivors. Everything in the book is just common sense: a trait that no one in the Elemental Countries seems to have.At the first task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Harry sees his chance to strike down his enemies - and takes it. However, the shadow of a more powerful darkness creeps in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy, and he wants it! Right after she revealed that the child in her arms is Harry James Potter, the grandson of Bruce.Following the death of the Green Goblin, our favorite Wall-Crawler's had a little break from fighting supervillains, though he's had no such luck freeing Gwen from Harry's slimy, Green-addicted hands. It's been three whole years since the climactic Cell Games, where even the greatest Pro Heroes failed to stop Cell, and one Saiyan child carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Ranmax Winx Post-season 3 The Specialists die after shielding the Winx from Valtor's last attack. How different will Harry be being raised and protected by the Wayne family, especially in Gotham?with his new friends he tries his best to find his place in the world while fighting villans new and old. She learns magic, known as "The Gift", runs in her family even if not all of them awaken it. Displaced from the women he loves an original and non-canon Harry Potter must find his way in a universe filled with some very powerful entities (the Marvel universe).pretty crapy summary i know, but i can't think of a better on later, that won't give away the plot. Her family members with the gift attend a school called Hogwarts. Harry/Many A contaminated world, a menaced empire, brought together by mutual interference. During the second battle of Geonosis during the clone wars, the Pillar of Autumn and her crew accidentally drop in with a hostile Covenant force.Harry is very perceptive and anyone will have a hard time trying to manipulate him. HP/HG (Chaps 5-8 Edited.)Rated M for blood and gore. Too bad witches and wizards go through it more than once. Rose, who was taking a vacation from her dimension, stumbles upon a dying man. Spider-Man deals with the Clone Saga courtesy of the Green Goblin while Jean comes into conflict with a woman who exactly shares her face..oh yeah the Collector of Worlds has come to add one of Earth's great cities to his collection. Betrayed by the world he had given his all to save, Harry finds himself cast into the void.

Harry Potter discovers his metamorphic powers at a young age... Escaping, Harry becomes an assassin and a thief, finding that he has a joy in murdering people. For Harry though, he soon finds it might just be the best thing that ever happened to him..any girl he meets along the way. With some help Harry ends up in another dimension, but in classic Harry Potter fashion gets himself into trouble almost immediately.Will this newfound era of peace last, or will more diabolical villains crawl out of the woodwork to make life tough for old Web-Head? It's now time for Gohan to step up and become a hero in the eyes of society, after having his credit stolen by Hercule Satan. After five years travelling the world, Harry Potter has landed in New York. Warning contains: light swearing, minor gore, violence throughout, at most TV14AU Harry Potter X Men crossover! However, their souls were still intact and Faragonda reincarnates them in the body of a certain cursed pigtailed martial artist. The Kraang have taken New York and all of Magical Britain.He figures that there's no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life. Aiden Potter is declared the boy who lived and Harry is neglected by his parents. Beaten and weary the brothers and their allies have gone into hiding.All who are protective and know how to use weapons? Darth Sidious, emperor of the Galactic Empire, used his foresight along with his cunning mind to rise to power.His visions allowed him to eliminate any threat to his rule.If only the heroes, villains, aliens and spies had received the message. He is sent to live with the horrible Dursleys, who later ditches him in New York, where he meets a strange bald man in a wheel chair who takes him to a school. As the alien invaders prepare for the next phase of their plans, Harry and the Turtles will have to find new strength before it's too late.

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    Later, Lucas was turned away at the finals, according to the Daily Mail article, ‘he went up to sing in front of Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, the likeable teenager was already close to tears, hyped up and telling us: ‘I can’t believe how much I want this.