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They have machines that help in climbing the coconut trees.Now isn’t that going to be the highlight of your tour? Wear the Traditional Kerala Outfit: Wearing Traditional Outfit : Image by jeffkole via flickr When you visit Kerala, try wearing the traditional dress; Mundu-Shirt if you are a man and the Kerala set saree if you are a woman.

There are special Vallamkali songs sung during these races to motivate the oarsmen! Performers dressed up Puli (tiger) and dancing to the tone is the major attraction.

Kerala is like the nectar that breathes fresh life into tired souls, so if you are looking for a vacation that will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, come right here – to God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Plan your itinerary for Kerala Tours by looking at the 100 things that you can do here: 1.

As you explore Kerala Backwaters, you will find nature entwined in all aspects of day-to-day life!

Enjoy the unique ecosystem of the backwaters when you are cruising on it.

And yes, it sure can be doubled up as your treadmill!

This machine is being used from the ancient times to irrigate the paddy fields here. Walking Along the Paddy Fields: Once you finish with the treadmill, you must walk along the paddy field, breathe in the fresh air, hear the chirping of birds – it is a different experience that can never be duplicated by any other. How About Trying to Cross a Makeshift Coconut Bridge?

If you plan to visit any temple in Kerala, then this is the ideal attire for that. Enjoy Bamboo Rafting: This is not like boating at all.

When you visit the forest reserves of Kerala, like in Periyar Reserve, Thekkady; you can go for bamboo rafting. This is held in Kerala villages during the harvest season.

You can also see colorfully dressed up performers depicting the important scenes in Kerala history perform for hours at a stretch. Eating the Onam Sadya (Feast): Onam Sadya : Image by George Augustine via flickr Made with sumptuous recipes consisting of sweet, sour, spicy and tangy dishes, you must eat the Onam sadya(feast), at least once in your lifetime. Onam Games: Plenty of games are held during the Onam period. Ride Like a King – Elephant Safari: One of the exciting things people can do while in Kerala is to go for an elephant safari through the wildlife sanctuaries.

All 21 dishes are laid out in a clean banana leaf on the floor and you eat with your hand. Known as ‘Onakkali’, this is another significant part of Onam and must never be missed. It is a different feeling and you must not miss it. Be There for Thrissur Pooram: One of the most famous temple festivals in the whole state; and the fame of Thrissur Pooram have spread beyond the state boundaries.

Kerala, the land of eternal charm lures people from every corner of the globe to its bosom.