Julian cheung anita yuen dating

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Julian cheung anita yuen dating - dating ardrossan

He has been with various record labels, such as Fitto Entertainment, Sony Music, EMI (Cantonese albums only), Rock Records (Mandarin albums only), Cinepoly Records (subsidiary of Universal Music Hong Kong), Starj & Snazz and Neway Star.

I heard the mcs saying that they are a couple but i'm not entirely sure as i'm not really good in Cantonese and there are no subtitles.

But Chi Lam has been dating Yuen Wing Yee for years now - I believe a decade already and their relationship is reall rock solid. As far as i know, Charmaine Sheh have been dating Benjamin for over 2 years at this point.

But reports have been saying that they have broke up for some reason.

If they are a couple in real life, wow, they make such a cute couple.. Its Benny Chan I believe - those who know please tell me if I am correct.

I agree that Chi Lam and Charmaine Sheh makes a lovely couple. they are not couples- just that they have done a couple of series together featuring them as a couple.

Here is my 'dream' XD: Anita and Chilam secretly broke up because they have been together for years but the relationship didn't proceed.

Then after quite a long time after they collaborated for PONR, they worked together for the Astro promotions and developed some feelings for each other. I watched a lot of the promotion clips and she is usually laughing her head off at Chilam's jokes!On 6 July 2014, he had his second concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on four-sided stage, called Crazy Hours.He has recorded albums in both Cantonese and Mandarin.He attended Pendle Hill High School In 1990 when Cheung was 19, Cheung visited Hong Kong during his summer vacation and was reacquainted with his cousin and childhood friend, Anna Ueyama (上山安娜). Impressed with Cheung's voice, Tony immediately signed him into IFPI and started to train him.Cheung then recorded his first song, a duet album with Hong Kong singer Maple Hui (許秋怡).As i just doubt it- Charmaine's taste is actually higher I wish to clarify one thing: Benny and Charmaine IS NOT DATING.

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