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Cheung reached to the peak of his popularity in 1994 when he took part as the role of Guo Jing from The Legend of the Condor Heroes, which helped him to become one of the most favourite actors at that time.

His first concert at Hong Kong Coliseum was held on 27 March 2011 which the title for the concert was I Am An Alien.in 2003, he won My Favorite Leading Character again for his role as Yeung Kwong from Take My Word For It.His performance with Charmaine Sheh in the 2004 drama Point of No Return also won the pair the Best Onscreen Couple award at the 2005 Astro Awards in Malaysia.My question is are they really a couple or are they just acting as a couple on tv?If they are a couple in real life, wow, they make such a cute couple..In 1992, Cheung received a TVB Jade Solid Gold award as Best Newcoming Singer (Bronze) for his first album.

In 2000, Cheung reap 2 notable awards from TVB for the drama, Return of the Cuckoo. Born in Hong Kong, Cheung spent most of his early years in Hong Kong attending all-male schools. When he was 13, his parents divorced and he and his father emigrated to Australia when he was 15.I also have seen them in Benjamin's black porsche on news this other time- so it can't be false about them going out.But at this point- i do not know what is going on between these 2- they might or might not be going out.After the release of Cold Blood Warm Heart, he transitioned into movies such as Perfect Match and Comic King.He returned to TVB in 2000 in the series Return of the Cuckoo, which was a tremendous success with Charmaine Sheh, reaching a peak of 40 points.Here is my 'dream' XD: Anita and Chilam secretly broke up because they have been together for years but the relationship didn't proceed.