Jenna louise coleman dating richard madden

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As tensions flare and songs are written, things might not be what they appear to be... What will happen when Jenna has to choose between her best friend, popularity and a boy...(Story as well as extras for it can be found on my tumblr; When unpopular girl Jenna Coleman moves to a prestigious boarding school Ashford her world turns upside down. Suddenly she has friends and a guy is interested in her. Richard Madden just broke up with his long term girlfriend and Matt Smith is there to help him over it with a cunning plan and just the right amount of luck.

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But as The Prince himself (Richard Madden) took a few minutes to be interviewed by the 6 ¾ year old red-carpet reporter, Lindalee suddenly spotted actress Jenna Coleman who plays her favorite character ‘Clara Oswald’ on Doctor Who, who was waiting nearby for her real-life boyfriend, Richard.

Ah, young and your newfound lady forever prosper.

Jenna Coleman has moved effortlessly from one time travelling job to another.

She later scored roles in BBC television productions, including the dramas , based on the novel by John Braine.

After a rough patch trying to get additional work, Coleman moved to Los Angeles for three months, where she met several industry contacts and came to understand the audition process at a deeper level.

"His first advice was never Google yourself and, now that I've got a three-month break, he said take your time and choose your next role carefully.

After his wife was tragically murdered by one yellow-bellied Walder Frey and company, it seems that young Robb Stark has finally found love once more.Some might argue that he, too, was killed in the same scene — but we know for a fact that he actually survived, traveled through time/space, changed his name to Richard Madden, and started dating Jenna-Louise Coleman., as Clara Oswald.In addition to showing up together at Comic Con, they were recently spotted canoodling around town and enjoying their semi-matching sunglasses.In 2011, Coleman made her film debut with a small part in .As the show has become something of a global sensation, Coleman's chemistry with actor Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor, has fueled media speculation about the two.British actress Jenna-Louise Coleman is best known for playing the Doctor's companion, Oswin, on the popular sci-fi BBC program Doctor Who, and for playing bad girl Jasmine Thomas on the British soap Emmerdale., as the conniving bad girl Jasmine, which boosted her recognition in the United Kingdom.