Is vicki from rhoc still dating brooks

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Is vicki from rhoc still dating brooks

She was actually quite nice and not as cunty as she is on RHOC.The emotions I went through last Monday -- I'm still recovering!! I was having heart palpitations--both real and imagined! For a moment I thought I saw the sparkle (and not because Lydia finally left the room)-- the gleam--the celestial twinkle -- leave Victoria's eyes as she stood on the precipice of DEATH! I think I saw a contented smile on her sweet lips as she opened herself up to Jesus' outstretched waiting arms!

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[quote] Everyone is saying Peggy was drugged up in the scene with Lydia. " But Peggy and Lydia made an excuse that they had to be at the hospital for their "dear friend" Vicki. Then this time, the ladies went to the big Icelandic dinner, and once again, Peggy and Lydia were missing. The one bright thing of the episode was Shannon's dog Archie. Anyone have opinions on the differences between the breeds?

And I knew in my heart that every thing would be fine, whatever happened. )Thank you thank you thank you Lydia -- a true child of Christ -- for accompanying Victoria into the light (does is ever get dark in Iceland?

But still, I white knuckled my box of wine (50 gold medal winner thank you very much) as she was carried out of the luxury hotel like our dear Blanket Jackson. Will the throngs of paparazzi-- like vultures -- desecrate her memory? )Thank you dear Peggy for being willing to jump off the bridge for Victoria (and thank you Diko for ordering her to).

Now Vicki, Lydia, and Peggy are a much different story. There’s no way she’s coming back next season, I can’t imagine anyone who watches likes her (except maybe her fellow homophobic Armenians).

I really want to see how Peggy handles the reunion.

Probably negligible Of course Shannon isn't a deplorable. OMFG I don’t think I’ve ever loathed a housewife as much as I have Peggy.

She went to USC, supports gay rights, and she is INTELLIGENT. There's a reason why Shannon, Tamra, and Meaghan are friends. I’m glad she pissed them all off in Iceland with her creepy recording of them.The person who posted it got a lot of shit for it because nobody believed Shannon would ever leave David. Then why did she come back again a few years later? I know there are online companies where you can rent designer shit. Alexis would park her car of the day right in front of the store (red curb, fire zone), never was off her phone, inappropriately dressed (track suits with stilettos, tons of gaudy jewelry- the same piece rarely seen twice, lol) and snippy to everyone.Now that this news has come out it doesn't surprise me that Shannon would do something like that. Always polite even to the housefrau's who have a beef with Victoria. " puzzled look and then Bravo showed the retweet one can only hope that Shannon gets called out all next year for being a liar. She's awful and boring to watch This reunion was as boring as the show this season. Or did they do a chromosomal test on a clump of cells that is the baby at this point? They are fertilized eggs afterall.[quote] I'll bet the 0k a year she makes is way more than she makes from Coto Insurance. It fucking PAYS for Coto Insurance.[quote] Does anyone think Miss Jim ever actually fucked Megan? Would ask for help/ a question and then proceed to continue on phone.The Mercedes bus ride to the hotel when Kelly was sick of the baby's crying and Meghan giving her side-eyes about it: Kelly announces, "Gawd! I'm moving to the front seat; this is making me sick. She's very polarizing, can be a bully, can be very vulgar, can be loud but sometimes she shows some decency. Sometimes this season I expected her to go crazy but she didn't.I don't care."As Kelly commandeered her "Shot Gun" seating, the camera cut to Vicki: the expression on her face was, "Wait, what? She's turning up on Peggy this trip though and it's entertaining.Was there really someone on the other thread saying Kelly et al should feel bad for going to dinner? I thought it was hilarious and they were obviously right to ge drunk What was up with the filming in the after party?