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Lucy Benjamin brought one of the most famed storylines of “East Enders” to life in 2001.Her character Lisa Fowler, shot her former partner Phil Mitchell.

Aidan, played by Sean Maguire falls for Mandy Salter, who becomes a bad influence on him.This ex-soldier didn’t exactly blend in in Walford.As the bartender at the Queen Vic, he was sometimes put in the middle of Angie’s and Den’s arguments.Since portraying Lisa Fowler, Lucy Benjamin has done a myriad of undertakings.In 2006, she won “X-Factor: Battle of the Stars.” In 2008, she appeared in “All Star Family Fortunes” and won £10,000 for her charity After a a series of unfortunate, Aidan comes to his senses and blames Mandy for all his misfortunes and returns to his homeland of Ireland.

Sean Maguire has come a long way since his footballing days in Walford.

Also entrepreneurial in nature, she bought the local cafe and changed the name to “Kathy’s.” After a rocky road in Walford, she fled with her son Ben to South Africa, to live with her brother Ted.

Viewers were led to believe she died in a car crash while she was there.

He unknowingly agreed to raise Den’s baby and marred Michelle Fowler.

He left Walford after Michelle decided to abort his baby against his wishes.

Phil and Lisa’s relationship was a rocky one – that included miscarriage, emotional and physical abuse and infidelity.