Invalidating the session in jsp

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Invalidating the session in jsp - sex dating in white deer texas

If our application uses cookies for session management and our users disable the cookie , then we will be in a big trouble.

Http Session API provides a method get Id() which returns the associated session Id , get Creation Time() to get the session creation time and get Last Accessed Time() to get session last accessed time.In short with this approach, HTML pages cannot participate in session tracking.URL Rewriting is the approach in which a session (unique) identifier gets appended with each request URL so server can identify the user session.I have the impression, that Web Logic doesn't invalidate the session when a 403 error is thrown.When the user logs out in my servlet, I invalidate the session and the user gets the login form when the servlet page is accessed again. Here I get the login form immediately after the 403 error again. Is there a way to get this working with Firefox as well? Unfortunately the servlet spec 3.1 doesn't specify exactly the responsibility of the container in this case.If cookie is associated with the client request, server will associate it with corresponding user session otherwise will create a new unique cookie and send back with response.

We will discuss Cookie in detail in one of the upcoming chapters .

Similarly is New() method can be used to identify the new usersget Last Accessed Time() and get Creation Time() returns the time as long data type so to convert it to display format, create a date object passing long value in it.a) Write session with the below content in Web Content directory which will get the session object and displays its attributes Hit the URL Information.jspand it will display session related information (refer below figure).

Hold on for a couple of seconds and refresh the page .

There are several advantages of URL rewriting over above discussed approaches like it is browser independent and even if user’s browser does not support cookie or in case user has disabled cookies, this approach will work.

Another advantage is , we need not to submit extra hidden parameter.

In a web application, server may be responding to several clients at a time so session tracking is a way by which a server can identify the client.

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