Invalidating session

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The Session Service Provider registers a Session Manager which then creates the Store class we’re looking to extend.

*** Disclaimer *** This electronic communication is confidential and for the exclusive use of the addressee.I will leave this part as an exercise to the reader. The Laravel session providers themselves implement a very suitable destroy method that takes a session ID.However, unfortunately the Laravel session store does not expose this method but instead implements a migrate() method.The session ID is exposed through Session::get Id() so simply add this to an array of session ids stored in a persistent cache.When When you want to invalidate the log-in sessions simply fetch this cached array.Unfortunately Laravel does not provide this functionality out of the box.

We actually have to go through quite a bit of trouble to make Laravel play ball here but it’s definitely worth it, so lets get to it! Part one is fairly simple and can be done in your own application code.

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In order to implement this we need to backtrack to where Laravel actually loads session classes.

This is defined in your providers array as ‘Illuminate\Session\Session Service Provider’.

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