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In December, he is set to take over from state governor Stanislaw Tillich, who is resigning in light of his party's disappointing performance in the September election.

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He joined the Junge Union, the youth wing of the CDU, and he and his friend and fellow party member Michael Kretschmer paid a visit to the chancellor. Bus routes in the surrounding countryside were cancelled. And gangs from Eastern Europe started crossing the open border to steal cars. The financial crisis, the euro crisis, the refugee crisis and then same-sex marriage.The message was: finally, what belonged together had grown together, as former Chancellor Willy Brandt once predicted. It has created a multi-faceted picture showing nationalist, racist and anti-democratic elements, as well as lighter ones - and possible paths out of the populism trap.Everyone seemed to agree that the September election was a cry for attention.One of the Af D politicians is arguing that this coalition wants to dictate to the people of Thuringia and indeed "the German people" that they are "basically stuck in the Third Reich." He maintains the coalition is out to convince the public that "people are rotten." Only victims of NSU terror are honored, he argues, and not those of Islamist terror."We're expected to become loyal followers of a new so-called anti-fascism!28 percent of them voted for the Af D in the federal elections.

Nine kilometers to the east, on the River Neisse, is Bad Muskau.In Oberlausitz, the Af D offers something for everyone - people who feel forgotten as well as those who've benefited from reunification."Even pastors vote for us." In September Chrupalla succeeded in ousting the center-right Christian Democrats (CDU) as the most popular local party, which they had been for the last 25 years, when he won a direct mandate and defeated Michael Kretschmer, the Saxon CDU's general secretary.Twenty-eight years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is high time eastern and western Germany finally listened to one another, so that German reunification is not merely an excuse for fireworks, as it was on the 25th anniversary, three years ago.Something for Everyone The rubble has been swept into little piles, with plastic garbage sacks dotted between them.It wasn't a milestone anniversary as it was in 2014, when the country threw a jubilant party complete with fireworks and guests from all over the world. In the wake of the elections in September, newspapers have been trying to figure out why the eastern states have lurched the furthest to the right, and why German nationalism and xenophobia appear to have be getting inexorably more overt there - from the anti-immigrant Pegida marches to the anti-refugee protests in Freital and Heidenau and the outpourings of anger at Angela Merkel during her election campaign appearances over the summer.