Information on interracial dating

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With increasing contact opportunities in integrated settings such as college campuses, students have higher likelihoods of engaging in relationship-building interactions.

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Since the larger percentage of families in America live on dual-incomes (U. Census, 2004), demands of jobs and careers necessitate that children be exposed to diverse social contexts.They also speculated that individuals might interracially date (a) for the same “intangible” reasons of love and compatibility as individuals who date within their own race, (b) because of familiarity or desired immersion with a particular culture, and (c) because some might have “preferences” for particular skin colors as others might have for hair or eye colors.Openness to interracial relationships varies among generations.Introduction Interracial relationships have experienced intense struggles and obstacles in the history of the United States.Many areas of the country forbade interracial relationships, and punishment included imprisonment and even death (Todd & Mckinney, 1992).Generally, the older generations have been more opposed to interracial relationships while younger generations have tended to view interracial relationships most favorably (Lovstuen, 2001; Todd & Mckinney, 1992).

Since family interactions provide the first model of socialization and relationship formation, parental and family perspectives play a salient role in shaping an individual’s openness to interracial relationships.Another reason for lack of parental and family support can be unfamiliarity of family members with interacting closely with other races and not feeling comfortable in multiethnic settings.While substantial research has focused on views of interracial relationships, few researchers have addressed parental and family perspectives and influences on their children.For example, in many African-American families, the mother has the most influence on the dating preferences of children, whereas the father has more influence in Caucasian households (Knox et al., 2000).Many interracial couples do not have the full support of parents or family members.In sum, researchers have needs to understand better the dynamics involved within family, racial, and relationship milieus.