Hooking up vs dating in college

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Hooking up vs dating in college - gay christian online dating

I’ve always felt that if the relationship is working well and both people are happy, marriage is just a title.But that title has a risk attached to it (and thanks to “horror stories”, the news, movies, media, etc.

All the nice parts of marriage sound nice to me, but the prospect of divorce sounds awful…You can’t force a man to marry you, but you certainly can inspire a man to… The bond created between potential partners takes a different path than normal dating relationships.It’s OK if you’re feeling impatient at the moment, but I would highly encourage you to try and put your feelings aside for a moment and try to just appreciate him and empathize with where he is.Then talk to him and let him know what’s been on your mind and how you feel.If you believe that your marriage will be everlasting, there’s nothing to worry about.

In fact, that’s the point of the prenup: It gives both of you the ability to relax and never have to worry about anything ending horribly if things don’t work out.

Also, I think it would be in your best interest to relax and wait for him to propose marriage to you. Aside from him probably feeling insulted by the gesture, can you imagine if he did go for it?

Every time you have an argument he’d think back to how he felt coerced into marriage and pressured by you. If you get impatient, it’s going to block your ability to be empathetic and understanding towards him.

Most guys have heard enough horror stories to know that tying the knot isn’t going to make a woman any less likely to cheat or leave, so there’s a general attitude that it’s not to our advantage to risk half of our income on the chance that everything works out.

(Quick insert here: I’ve gotten LOTS of comments that there are many marriages where the woman makes more money than the man and she ends up getting financially screwed.

most guys perceived that risk to be on the guy’s side only).

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