High school senior dating sophomore

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High school senior dating sophomore - speed dating philadelphia pa

If you aren't ready to be in a committed relationship with one person, then don't be in one.

When you break it down to simple terms, dating is just one of the first steps that hopefully leads to marriage.

To say it bluntly, there was no one in my high school that I wanted to marry, so that meant there was no one I wanted to date. Finally, the biggest reason I didn't date in high school was because I knew it was only temporary. And contrary to what some people may believe, they are not the best four years of your life.

I knew that I had bigger and better things to come and that I had some big decisions to make and I didn't want any of them to be affected by the person I was dating.

I didn't date in high school because I didn't meet anyone that I was ready to be that committed to, and I definitely didn't meet anyone that was ready to be that committed to me.

I know some people would say that dating in high school is about discovering what you want out of a relationship and your partner, and not about commitment.

When you look back on high school, don't be proud of the people you dated or the different boys you kissed.

Be proud of the person you were and how it lead to the person you're still becoming.Before I go into some of the other reasons why I didn't date in high school, I should start by admitting that it wasn't all my decision.Most people would probably assume I'm referring to my parents and that they had a rule that I couldn't date until a certain age or something like that.I am 19 years old and my current boyfriend is the only boyfriend I've ever had.It seems strange to think that in a few short weeks I will not only be entering my sophomore year of college but also celebrating my six-month anniversary with my first boyfriend.If you don't see the relationship going somewhere, then why even start it?

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