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Arnold had promised them all last night an advice session on love before his date this evening…and he was currently in the process of delivering on that promise.At Harold's question Arnold (sitting on the couch before them all in sort of a guru position and looking down at them) just sighed and smiled and nodded to him.

The Jungle Movie 7 more headlines about Hey Arnold!I…I guess the only 'short' answer to it I could give is that, um…women have a different way of doing things." He shrugged with a touch of sheepishness."They're crazy, in other words…" Curly suddenly couldn't help but paraphrase with a little grin (his black eye was clearing up quite well by now and almost all of his usual good humor had returned).He and all the other guys chuckled a little again Arnold blinked, his smile remaining though…and he paused as he very carefully considered his next words…But when you look closer, the characters actually all have a few key differences in their new sketches.As you can see, there's a lot more ~shading~ going on in the sketches, so everyone looks a bit more 3D.Arnold adjusted his tie a little (the guys were going to stick around until seven when his and Helga's second anniversary date of the weekend would be starting with her arrival, and so, to save some time, Arnold had already gotten himself dressed up in his black pants, a white dress shirt, and a tie again—this one being the one he had worn on his and Helga's first unofficial date to Chez Paris during the pen pal fiasco).

He considered for a moment and then replied to Harold carefully and a little unsurely, "Well…yes.

Arnold has a new jacket over his trademark t-shirt-over-button-down-shirt combo and he's rocking a new pair of white and red shoes.

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Sometimes if a girl says she doesn't like you it can really mean that she does like you or it could also mean that she really doesn't like you, like she said in the first place.

I-I know it doesn't make a lot of sense when you say it out loud but…it's something that makes more sense 'in feeling', I guess…" He thought a little more, green eyes full of memory and experience for a moment, but then finally, really still being just a ten-year-old boy, Arnold just had to sigh and finish with a shrug, "Girls are just….a little more complicated than us, I think…at least for right now." It really was the best he could come up with at the moment.

""Yes, Iggy…They might think you're cool but…you just might not be the one for them. It's just a matter of, um…chemistry, I guess.""Okay but wait so I don't understand that other thing you said before…um…So sometimes…if a girl says she doesn't like you…it can really mean she does like you…but sometimes it could also mean that she really doesn't like you?

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