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Schwaller made a passing remark on what appeared to be water erosions on the body of the Sphinx.Turning to a close up photograph of the Sphinx, West suddenly realized that the weathering patterns on the Sphinx were not horizontal as seen on other monuments at Giza, but vertical.

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One day, while reading a book on Egypt by the French author and mathematician Schwaller de Lubicz (Sacred Science, Paris 1961) an answer to his intuitive hunch came shooting straight at him.

, as had previously been thought, but by water - water from torrential rains and pouring down in sheets over these ancient structures. Was Schoch saying that such heavy rains only fell on the Sphinx area but nowhere else at Giza? Not impossible, said Schoch, if it is conceded that the Sphinx was built at an epoch when such rains were common in this region but that the other monuments at Giza, however, were built long after these rains had stopped occurring. History books will have to be re-written and scientists will have to reconsider the origins of civilization as a whole. To support this contention, I brought into evidence the inclined shaft in the Great Pyramid which were aimed at the south meridian towards these group of stars as well as written evidence from the Pyramid Texts that identified the afterlife destiny of the pyramid-kings with Orion. Osiris was Orion, and the Great Pyramid had a shaft directed to Orion at the meridian. Allegory, to put it in another way, is the 'Q-Basics' of the master astronomers who designed the Giza complex.

Again impossible, replied the ruffled Egyptologists; such heavy rains stopped occurring thousands of years before the time of Khafre. To me, this 'silent' astro-architectural language seemed to be spelling out 'here is Osiris in the sky when these pyramids were built, yet know, too, that his origins are rooted in the First Time.' But The 'First Time' of what? When the stars of Orion are observed at the meridian in the precise manner that the ancient Egyptian astronomers did over many centuries, they could not help noting that these stars crossed the south meridian at different altitudes at different epoch.

Now horizontal weathering is the result of prolonged exposure to strong winds and sandstorms.

There sure had been plenty of those in this arid region of the Sahara. West knew, of course, that most Egyptologists believed that the Sphinx was built in 2500 BC in the time of the pharaoh Chephren (or Khafre), who is identified with the Second Pyramid at Giza.

Nothing can prepare a first-time visitor for the awe-inspiring and humbling experience of meeting the Great Sphinx face to face.

No matter who you are, no matter what your disposition and temperament are, the Great Sphinx of Giza will not leave you unmoved.

Paul's Cathedral to General Gordon of Khartoum just because his statue was found in it.

In short, Khafre may well be the quintessential 'Kilroy was here' of antiquity.

This is, of course, due to the phenomenon of Precession (see The Orion Mystery, appendices 1 and 2).

In short, the stars of Orion can be said to have a starting point or 'beginning' at the nadir of their precessional cycle. Could the ancient astronomers of the Pyramid Age have used their very clever 'silent language' combined with Precession to freeze the 'First Time' of Osiris - somewhat like the gifted architects of gothic cathedral froze in its allegorical stonework the 'time of Christ'?

In 1991 John West rounded a crack team of scientists who were not hampered by an ingrained Egyptological consensus, and took them to Giza. Robert Schoch, a prominent geologist and professor from Boston University to examined the unique weathering patterns on the Sphinx and its enclosure. In 1989 I published a paper in the Oxford Journal, Discussions In Egyptology (vol.

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