Girl on dating site loves cats

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Girl on dating site loves cats - couples dating in mcdonough

They even decrease stress and help you live longer. Whether it’s embarking on an adventure, taking a new career step, or even just staying home all weekend with a good book and your phone turned off, you won’t hurt anyone by doing so and you won’t owe anyone an explanation. Snoring, blanket hogging, restlessness, extended limbs, incompatible schedules……sharing a bed with another person is not always the sweet, eight-hour love cuddle we would like it to be. And yet, in a time of intense political discourse about marriage and family, single people very much need to be understood and defended.

In my Facebook profile picture, there are whiskers painted on my face, and in the picture that I set as my profile before that, I'm posing with my family cat.Aside from all the overt sexism, the idea that being single sucks is flat out WRONG. When you don’t have your “one person”, sometimes you find out that you have…a LOT of people. And without a partner relationship taking up so much of your time and energy, you can really dedicate yourself to nurturing these friendships instead. Have an awkward rendezvous that you will immediately want to forget, but end up laughing about for years. Women who loved and laughed often and accomplished great things, women like Susan B. These are women who valued independence, agency, and freedom, and refused to give these up to fit some proper prescription of femininity that required them to “settle down.” Think of the psychological implications of the message that you cannot live a fulfilled life on your own, by your own means, and on your own terms – that you have to seek out another person to be whole. Today, women in soaring record numbers are staying single longer and for good reason.If you’ve never enjoyed being single, I’m sorry, I think you may be doing it wrong (and maybe bought into some of the patriarchal myths about being single). Good, long-term friends provide you with companionship, emotional support, and genuine love without strings attached. The feminist movement has made great strides in changing the way people think about partnering by creating space for discussion around healthy relationships, utilizing gender-education to inspire more egalitarian partnerships, and fighting for marriage equality. We are products of a lifetime of gendered social messages that tell us that every woman needs a man – that to not have one, even for a moment, is a failure at womanhood.Traditionally, a woman’s entire livelihood was dependent on the man she married.If you search for images of a “single woman meme” (because at this point, you can’t help yourself), you will find the following pieces of high internet art: Such as this: And this: Aaaaand, this! We reproduce notions of the ticking biological clock, the unfulfilling career path, the predatory divorcee, and the crazy cat lady. This norm has been closely aligned with the idea of women as property, the control of women’s sexuality, and a gendered division of labor – ideas that have maintained sexist religious, political, and economic systems.

We talk to our kids about their future spouses and weddings, assuming they will, of course, be heterosexual and get married. The social requirement for every person to ultimately enter into a heterosexual, monogamous, legally-bound partnership has been a norm throughout our nation’s history.

While I happen to be in a relationship (more on that later), I'm still all about being single until someone truly worth it comes along.

Plus, something about the spinster ideal is very appealing to me regardless.

I don't have my own cats, but the ones I grew up with greet me every time I visit home and—real talk?

—I can't think of anything I'm more grateful for in life. I feel awkward in social situations, I spend a lot of time alone, and I routinely wear socks that don't match and reindeer underwear my grandma got me for Christmas.

This was true whether she was in a higher class and not allowed to work or in a lower class and could not make enough to support herself in the few low-paying jobs available to her. It’s hard to answer these questions with absolute certainty when you’re trying to be a companion to another complicated human being, when your life is intertwined with another life.