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Mc Gowan SUPPORTED BUSTING public sector unions!!!!Union boss Mc Gowan tells union members that he has a VERBAL PROMISE from the lying, union busting, radical right Republican, career politician WALKER, that Walker will NOT destroy local 139. History Repeats, boss Mc Gowan becomes 2 of 3 three "wise" monkeys - hear and see no evil Local 150 (IL, IOWA, IN), Operating Engineers claimed to have a PROMISE LETTER of NO Right to Work from IN Gov Mitch Daniels, who passed a local 150 UNION BUSTING law in his last year in office.

Maybe because boss Mc Gowan is trying to steal local 324s territory, the Upper Peninsula?Every past IUOE president for the last 6 decades come from the mafia ridden east coast, coincidence?Now RICO charges have been filed and the truth starts to emerge.Every Local has the choice of doing it the way Local 12 has been doing it, or amending their By-Laws to require nominating petitions from each candidate.A number of Members, me included, have suggested this change on previous occasions.Read the LA Times article and see what your dues money pays for.

Richard Griffin was the head attorney for the IUOE for many years.

Maybe because boss Mc Gowan supported UNION-BUSTING Gov WALKER as he destroyed public-sector unions with Right to Work for less laws.

Maybe because boss Mc Gowan was AFRAID to show his face at a PROTEST of RIGHT to WORK for less laws.

But Bill Wagonner always said that he did not want to create the mistaken impression that they were trying to suppress anyone's genuine candidacy.

They finally decided to ask for the change because for over 20 years one certain Local 12 member has gotten himself nominated for office then just sat back and did nothing to try to actually get himself elected.

You can read about most of those cases on this website. Griffin at the behest of IUOE President Vince Giblin and VP Bill Dugan destroyed the members rights of free speech by mandating Password Protected websites for local elections.