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The law on privacy concerning photographs can be crudely divided into whether the photograph was taken in a private or public place.

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The legal rights of the subjects constitute non-copyright restrictions on use of images.

In many countries the subject's consent is needed to just take a picture, and/or to publish it and/or to use it commercially even if the person is in a public place.

Further nuances may include the age of the subject, what the subject is doing at the time, whether the subject is famous, whether the image concerns news of public interest, etc.

Hence, unless there are specific local laws to the contrary, overriding legal concerns (e.g., defamation) or moral concerns (e.g., picture unfairly obtained), the Commons community does not normally require that an identifiable subject of a photograph taken in a public place has consented to the image being taken or uploaded.

This is so whether the image is of a famous personality or of an unknown individual.

An image is unacceptable to Commons if it is illegal, or arguably illegal, in any one or more of: (a) the country in which the photograph was taken; (b) the country from which the image was uploaded; (c) the USA (where Commons images are stored).

The template may be used to warn re-users of Commons’ content that local laws may impose additional requirements on reuse, over and above those enforced here.Whether the place is private or not may also depend on the situation at the time: for example that same hospital ward would have been a public place during a tour before it opens.In the United States (where the Commons servers are located), consent is not as a rule required to photograph people in public places.Laws both where the photo is taken and where it is published should be taken into account.The right of publicity is the right to control the commercial use of one's likeness.However, the photographer is not able to remove any rights belonging to the subject of the photograph.

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