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With the SNL regulars providing backing vocals, Chance performed a song about the US holiday, dedicated to 'outcasts and weirdos in the family'.Perhaps the most memorable skit saw Chance playing Steve Harvey's lovechild on a comic version of Family Feud, alongside an angry Leslie Jones who played Harvey's wife.

As well as singing Beyoncé's part in Walk On Water, Skylar accompanied the rapper to perform hit songs Stan and Love the Way You Lie, which she co-wrote with Eminem and Alex da Kid in 2010.

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The third annual International Women and Girls in Science Day will be celebrated worldwide on Feb.

He joined a classmate in front of the class to introduce their fathers, who turned out to be decidedly boring building contractors.

But the two kids couldn't get enough of their father's speeches and acted out accordingly.

The rapper's character said: 'Can you tell him to cool it down in our neighborhood? He broke my best friend's jaw in two places and all he did was steal a TV. Now things are looking bad.'He also featured as a sports correspondent forced to report on ice hockey instead of basketball and an ex-hip hop star being interviewed on a documentary.

That's excessive.'Then he zip lined him to the top of a building and left him hanging there for 30 minutes.'Playing to his strengths, Chance starred in another musical skit featuring a spoof R&B band called De-Von-Tre with a single dedicated to Barack Obama called 'Come Back'. Things later turned somewhat steamy when Chance stripped down to his boxer shorts while playing an over-excited high school student whose father was making a speech at careers day.

After dancing around the topic, Kenan Thompson as Steve and Chance playing Cecil had a collective realization when they both dropped Harvey's catch phrase 'That's kinda freaky!

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