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This makes my job seem way cooler than I thought... Jessica Drake (JD): It depends on what I'm doing, but let's say I'm directing one of my instructional DVDs.I'd get up early, get catering ready, get into make-up, wait for my crew to arrive.

She runs her own production company and made headlines around the world after filming a sex scene in a university library.

KM: Right now I am caring for my sister who is suffering from stage 4 uterine cancer.

She lives in Vegas, so I do quite a bit of back and forth juggling between her care and my business..right now I would say driving on the 15 freeway is my new hobby! When I'm not working in the industry, I'm studying it or advocating for the rights of sex industry workers.

We begin our day making sure the sites are working, that there are no problems, and that customers are happy. Just keeping track of the props, furniture, jewellery, and clothes that we use for the models, and the basic upkeep of the residences with eight in-house employees is a full-time job.

I work, I cook, I walk dogs, I go to bed, and once a week I shoot some porn for my site and give my husband a blow job here and there.

But running my own production company means that the majority of my day, when not modelling, streaming live shows, or promoting via social media, is taken up with paperwork and editing. My call time today, unusually, is at 12pm in Calabasas [northwest LA].

I still have to pack my anal toys for set, wash up, [go to] Starbucks, and get my booty on the road. Tonight after I get off I'll go to my bestie's house and grab drinks and dinner before I fly to Pittsburgh tomorrow to dance at a club.I begin shooting – interviews, demos, and then finally the sex scenes. At the end, we usually leave lights and equipment set up for the next day's first set, which is my narration for the project, and anything else I might need covered.Depending on how late we wrap, we may have a later call time the next day.I'm creative and imaginative, and I always find it stimulating to discover and share other people's fantasies and "kinks", and I enjoy developing it with them in a creative and exciting way. Before my contract with Wicked I was booked to do a three-way scene with another girl and a guy. I have a strict yes and no list of acts I perform, most girls do.It was supposed to be a condom scene – I've always been condom-only. Then I still choose what I want to do every time someone tries to book me, I want to push myself as a performer, so I certainly try to open my mind more each year.People are generally surprised by my willingness and ability to accomplish their desires and bring them beyond expectations.