Erotic mom chat

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Erotic mom chat - dating questions of ethics

When you express your sensuality through the lens of your Venus sign, this magick becomes more focused and radiant than ever.Astrologically, Venus rules love, beauty, and value -- all of which are aspects of the seductive act.

If you’re in the midst of a romantic drought, don’t succumb to thirst!Other notable Venus in Gemini people include Edie Sedgwick, muse to pop artist Andy Warhol.Kylie Minogue has this placement as well -- her turn as La Feé Verte in Moulin Rouge comes to mind.Honor your Venus in Aries with passionate movement. VENUS IN TAURUSVenus in dominant in Taurus, so we see her truest qualities shine through here.Imagine Aphrodite herself lounging on a luxe couch, utterly relaxed, enjoying good food, good wine, and good company.When you start to catch feelings for someone, be honest -- what’s the first thing you do?

If it’s asking for their birth details, you’re not alone!If you don’t identify with a specific gender, you may find that you embody traits of both your Mars and Venus signs, favoring one or the other at different periods throughout your life.VENUS IN ARIESThis Venus loves the chase -- both chasing and being chased.Instead, channel your Venus and Mars signs for best results.Today we’ll start with Venus, OG love goddess and queen of one of his eponymous hymns, Homer said of Venus’s predecessor, Aphrodite: “There is nothing among the blessed gods or among mortal men that has escaped [her].” As we all know, love and sex are extremely powerful magick.Other notable Venus in Taurus people include Lana Del Rey, the reigning queen of languid chic. She flirts and flounces her way into her lover’s heart. She ensnares the object of her affection in what appears at first glance to be an innocent conversation -- most likely about art, politics, or the latest controversy -- then turns the tables just to see what their reaction will be.