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The sexy ladies of the night you find in these hookers bars are freelancers and they don’t work for the bar. As we mentioned before the scene changes pretty quickly here.

Or if you see a bunch of expats drinking at a bar see if they can help you out if the above info doesn’t work out.Then there are some prostitute pick up bars where you also pay an exit fee and bring the hookers back to your hotel for sex.A good reasonably priced girl friendly hotel in Santo Domingo is Casona Dorado Hotel which is centrally located in the nightlife and red light district here.It should be pointed out that many brothels, strip clubs, and prostitute pick up bars in the area have either closed down or changed names in the past couple of years.We are updating this towards the end of 2017, but by the time you visit these venues may no longer be around.Good places to find girls for sex in Santo Domingo are: At any of the above listed brothels you should either be able to have sex on site or pay an exit fee to get a girl to leave with you.

The first two casas are known to have some sexy prostitutes but also be quite expensive.

There are lots of freelance prostitutes out on the streets, casas which are brothels, strip clubs, and getting an erotic sex massage is pretty easy also.

We don’t really consider it a red light district because things are kind of discreet and a little spread out, but it pretty much is one.

A good pro tip is to ask them to do the massage back at your hotel.

This is for two reasons, the first is that most of these spas are not in the best conditions.

Somewhere like GBP on Plaza Guridy and Ave Pasteur will be a lot more budget friendly.

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