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The crypt, which had been lost for millennia, showed signs of long-ago disaster.

But a chemical analysis of the embalming agents uncovered animal fat and little else, consistent with mummification practices during the time of Ramses II.

And radiocarbon dating ruled out an older burial, or the idea that remains wound up in the queenly tomb much later in history.

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The chamber, once covered in murals memorializing the queen’s beauty, was two-thirds bare.

The pillagers left behind broken furniture and reduced her rose granite sarcophagus to pieces. The surviving wall paintings, of the queen and a menagerie of animal-headed gods, have been described as the ancient Egyptian equivalent of the Sistine Chapel.

(Nefertari was, by the wall mural’s accounting, statuesque.) The elaborate sandals, the study authors wrote with a “certain reservation,” would have fit a woman about 5 feet 6 inches tall.

DNA tests on one-centimeter-square slices of skin and muscle were inconclusive.

انا اعتبر فارع الطول ولكن بأعتدال و جسدى يصنف رياضى خاصة مع الأهتمام و ملابسى حديثة تتماشى مع الموضة التى ترضى ذوقىI am active and like active life.

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“We had no way of knowing if these were Nefertari’s remains or not,” Fletcher said to NPR.