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This statement sparked massive outrage as sex before and outside the marriage is considered illegal in Egypt.She also discussed several ways of getting pregnant without being in a conventional husband-wife relationship.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

From violating women’s rights to aggravating them with age-old misogynistic ideas, the conservative nation does little to safeguard its female citizens.

Just days after an Egyptian lawyer named Nabih al-Wahsh said it’s a national duty to rape girls who wear revealing clothes like ripped jeans, another incident has further dented Egypt’s image as an ultraconservative country on the world map.

An Egyptian chat show host is facing a three-year jail term for discussing the idea of pregnancy outside a traditional marriage.

Doaa Salah, a presenter on her Al-Nahar TV show ‘With Dody’ asked her audiences if they have considered having sex before marriage.

The video shows her saying, “If she gets a divorce she becomes a single mother.

If God forbid, she is widowed, she becomes a single mother.

They also blocked off escape routes from the area by blowing up cars and leaving the burning wrecks blocking the roads, three police officers on the scene said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the press.

Dozens of bloodied bodies wrapped up in sheets were laid across the mosque floor, according to images circulating on social media.

So can you choose, yourself, to become a single mother before you get married?

” She asked people sitting in the audiences if they had considered indulging in premarital sex.

She suggested women could marry briefly and once pregnant, they proceed with the divorce.