Egyptian dating customs

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Asking about news of the family, the place you come from, your health etc.

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That sometimes delays getting to the main topic on hand but it establishes a sense of ease and warmth.

Show interest in suggestions on what to do and visit.

Your impressions of your host country, the surprises it brought, the food etc. Remember to keep your observations positive and if appropriate, humorous. In Egypt, like so many other African countries, soccer is a passion and the national sport.

Note that it is called football in that area of the world.

There are many clubs, but the two main ones are Ahly and Zamalek.

Especially during a first meeting, it’s best to avoid airing your personal opinions about politics and religion, and also topics that are too personal or emotional, such as boyfriends/girlfriends or divorce or family problems.

Egyptians love to hear positive comments about their country, so do mention any attractions or areas you’ve visited and enjoyed.

It’s a good idea to monitor their expression, which often communicates a lot more of what they don’t or can’t say.

Staring at someone when they’re not talking or while you’re talking to a group, can be misinterpreted as an inappropriate invitation.

Then comes the offer of a cup of coffee, tea or juice etc.

So it does take sometime to get to the topic but know that this is in no way an endeavor to ignore or avoid whatever you want to talk about.

Public sexual contact of any kind is generally frowned upon, even between married couples.

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