Eclipse validating xhtml

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Eclipse validating xhtml

From the menu select CDI validation covers nearly all of the rules declared in the JSR-299 specification.

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In the example, neither string Array Property nor boolean Property is a valid value comparable using the "EL sometimes allows string values to be coerced to numbers.The statement may then seem meaningful, even though it has no key in the bundle and will result in either a null value or a runtime exception.Some binary operators (like ' ', '-', '*', '/' and mod, that take two operands as in x y), expect that both operands can be coerced to numbers before applying the operation.Later, click on the “further configuration…” link to configure the JSF capabilities.Agile Development Practices suggest developers keep a solutions log.To change the severity of a specific EL validation problem type, open the preferences dialog by clicking : If is the key of a value in a property bundle index on property, then the EL specification recommends (although does not require) that you instead express it as property[''] to emphasize the fact that is a key in a map as opposed to, say, a bean property.

If bean cannot be resolved as a variable, this problem will be flagged.The problem arises because EL allows the '.' character in key names (as in bean['x.y'], but also allows it to be used as a member operator (as in can cause user confusion, especially in cases like the example where property represents a map backed by a resource bundle (i.e. In the case of the example, suppose there is a key for For information on the specifics of CDI outside of the tooling, see This option adds support for the JSF implementation library, required for the project to function correctly.For a description of available options see: Table 2.5, “JSF Capabilities - JSF Implementation Library”.For example, if bean is a class with no methods get Property/set Property.