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My partner and I subscribe to the New Yorker, New York, Toronto Life, and Saveur. When I was at Ryerson, Colin Mochrie let me interview and shadow him for three days for a class assignment. Obviously, The Grid is focused very tightly on Toronto, but I can’t tell you how many travel and national stories I’m pitched. I gained what I call “The Grid 10” in my first year at the magazine.He was so open and generous with his time, and I was able to write and report a proper profile. There’s always delicious, bad-for-you food at the office, but this helped me get rid of it.

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He told her that Luann isn’t understanding that she is not in the right room.

In high school, I seriously considered becoming a lawyer, but decided to go to journalism school and see if I could make it in the magazine biz. I’m a magazine addict and one of my favourite things is to spend time in front of the newsstand and see what stands out.

I often pick up Bon Apetit, Esquire and GQ; I wish there were equally awesome women’s publications. Truthfully, I’m obsessed with the calorie-counting app My Fitness Pal.

The security guard told them that needed to leave the hotel. After the guard spent five minutes trying to get them to get dressed and go to no avail, he called for police backup.

When the police arrived at p.m., the unidentified male was gone and Luann was still there with her friend, Julie Olson.

He was given credit for time served, and has 14 months left.

Phelan will be on three years probation after that.

Julie says the report is wrong about her being drunk in Luann’s room.

She claims she only made it to the hallway before Luann was arrested.

Luann was a registered guest of the hotel booked into room 327. The pair entered room 407 as the maid was finishing turndown service on Saturday night.

She had apparently spent a lot of time in the bar because she had picked up some unidentified male who it appears she thought she was taking back to her room. It appears that the drunken couple fell into bed and were making such a ruckus that security was called for the room.

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    In 1995, based on information developed during this investigation, the Innocent Images National Initiative—initially part of our Cyber Division—was created to address the illicit activities conducted by users of commercial and private online services and the Internet.