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She believes life does not need to be difficult or mundane, it can be lived as an exciting, awe inspiring adventure filled with surprises and opportunities. Azurite Clear Mind Centre, 403-512-9918 website: Lisa Walsh, Victoria, B. Canada, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Prismology Light Healing and a professional sculptress. Bassil, Orange County, CA is a gifted artist and inspirational leader giving insight and calmness, clearing the soul's pathway for a successful life. Karin can be reached at (845)236-2557 or email her at Vilma Blanco, Anaheim area, CA is a Certified IAPLT Past Life Therapist, Psychic Counselor and Hypnotherapist.At present she is also teaching aromatherapy, reflexology and herbs.Her goal is to bring additional knowledge to those individuals seeking life's answers.Katherine Albrecht, UNILAD, Priscilla Presley, Youllbetickledpink, 5-Minute Crafts, Dusty Old Thing, The Merlin Project (Research Group), Tech Insider, My Mid-Life Moments, Women After 50, Raea, Susan G.Komen, Breast Cancer Awareness - Positive Promotions, Stupid Cancer, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Triumph Cancer Foundation, Gratitude, The Good Cemeterian, Aww Day, Astro, Tara Pierce, Rumer Willis, The Dark Zone, Cancer Care Support at The Upminster Sanctuary - The Holistic Approach, Earthfiles News, Emotional Touch, Lesia Flynn, Vintage Camper Trailers, Sisters on the Fly, Melanie Cello, Camping Lovers, Little Vintage Trailer, Marie D.Bragg Powerlifting: Wolf Platoon, Tucson Shows, Special Miracles - Down Syndrome, Sophia Temperilli, A. Colby, New Jersey Researchers of Paranormal Evidence, Copperhead, Weston Corner Consignment, Best Choice Products, Marc Slade Investigates:, Cas Psychic-Medium, LOLWOT, Madeline Stuart, John B.

Carbone proudly presents the following professionals who have been recently certified by IAPLT. She offers individual appointments aswell as personal availability for groups and parties.He has done counseling for the church to help people with various emotional problems.He and his wife have a meditation and Lightwork group that meets twice a month and he is blessed with the ability to give individuals messages from their past as well as seeing their auras.Due to her own experiences and healing she believes that past life therapy and inner healing can help clear and release negative energies. She earned her doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology from Westbrook University in 1998 and specializes in dream analysis, irodology and Past Life regression Therapy. Vance works with everything from AIDS to addictions to health problems using a number of different techniques.Jeanne is always acquiring information for her business "Let It Go" and her clients to better help them and herself. A Holistic Hypnotherapist is a Traditional Hypnotherapist who has taken extra training to incorporate additional therapies and techniques whic treat mind, body and spirit. Spiritual by nature, therapeutic by profession, Vance's programs are a complete mind/body approach to health.Brenda is also registered as a Certified Hypnotherapist with the General-Hypnotherapy where the code of ethics she abides by can be viewed. He is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher and enjoys using Reiki to help people heal their mind, body and spirit.