Dating vintage prints

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S., governmental and international customers include: In 2000, IPS’s Walter Rantanen was approached by Paul Messier to see if he could analyze the paper fibers in several purported vintage Louis Hine photographic prints from the 1930s to determine if the paper was consistent with the photographic papers available in this time frame.

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Typical paper forensic services that IPS provides to its U.

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Anyone who has ever used an old clunky microfilm reader is aware of the often poor and scratched archives from years of use, but the archives are taken from the original master microfilm, so both print and photos are sharp and clear.

While exact age dating of papers is not possible, the process is often able to exclude samples as being made in the time period of question.

Walter Rantanen has developed a large database of paper with known ages.

IPS Testing is able to determine likely age ranges for paper products by using wood fibers, pulping chemistry, paper additives and surface treatments to serve as dating markers.

Our experienced fiber science team, led by Walter Rantanen, has developed an international reputation for paper and document forensics.

Woodward’s essay, “Too Much of a Good Thing” , published in the 2003 In Dan Rather Reports episode 227, "The Trouble with Touchscreens, work by Walter Rantanen of our fiber science team was presented.

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This research clearly indicated that the prints in question were not vintage or made during Hine’s lifetime.