Dating someone with financial troubles

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According to research done by Kansas State University, arguments about money are the top predictor of divorce.This may be because it takes longer to recover from an argument about money than it does to recover from other arguments, and these arguments decrease relationship satisfaction, according to the research.

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So, at what point do you tell the person you're dating that you have debt?

If you are starting a new relationship, you don’t need to go into great detail about your debt or spending habits (and you might scare away your potential partner if you do).

However, once you are in a committed relationship that you see lasting for a long time, it’s important to discuss where you are financially, particularly if you plan to move in together or eventually get married.

Still, if you have agreed to save for a vacation or a home together, but then you go out and buy a car, it’s likely that your partner will be upset.

So even if you are still keeping your money separate, you should have a plan for just how separate that money really is.

Not only can lying about your debt or spending habits — or simply failing to tell your partner about them — potentially cause a lack of trust, but if you wait too long, you may later find that you and your partner are on completely different paths as far as finances go. Money issues can cause feelings of shame, fear, and isolation, and those are sometimes hard to get past.

While most people who truly care about another person would never intentionally destroy the credit of their partner, this can happen if you let fail to pay bills or keep up your part of a financial agreement.

You’ve been seeing someone for quite some time, you’re madly in love (or perhaps you just really like them), and one day you find out that they have an enormous amount of debt., people don't like to talk about money.

In fact, according to a study completed by University College London, people are seven times more likely to talk to a stranger about sex, affairs, and sexually transmitted diseases than their salary.

If you regularly wing financial decisions, you may find that you fight more often, and that your relationship takes a hit.

No one wants to be in a controlling relationship, and if you or your partner regularly shows financially controlling behaviors, this can be a red flag for the other person.

Often couples purchase a home together, a car, or they make other purchases together under the assumption that both people will pay for the item.

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