Dating sites in thames valley

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Dating sites in thames valley

This is followed by a brief discussion, using examples, of the environments suitable for optical dating, and of factors that can lead to an inaccurate optical age.

The design of the estates meant that people would see their neighbours more rarely than they would have done in the terraced housing that had been typical in working-class areas.This allows for the most light-sensitive traps to be sampled preferentially, which usually leads to better precision and accuracy.This article explains the basic process behind OSL, and how it is applied to dating.There is some evidence of prehistoric human occupation of the area: flints, animal bones and charcoal were found in bore holes around Western and Central Way in 1997 by the Museum of London Archaeological Service (MOLAS).In Roman times, the river level was significantly lower, and work by MOLAS in 1997 around Summerton Way revealed evidence of field ditches and pottery and quernstones from Germany dating from around the 3rd or 4th century.Thamesmead is also cut off from the north of the River Thames and is in the centre of the 15 mile gap between the Blackwall Tunnel and the Dartford Tunnel/QE2 Bridge.

Various proposals have been made for a new river crossing, the closest of which was in the late 1980s, when there was a controversial proposal to alter the shape of London's South Circular inner orbital road to run through Oxleas Woods.

Free electrons can be emptied from traps by exposure to sufficient heat or light.

The main difference between optical and TL dating procedures is that for optical dating laboratory, light of a specific wavelength or wavelength range is used to excite electrons from traps instead of heat.

Between 18, a canal was built by convicts to take materials such as timber from the River Thames to Woolwich Royal Arsenal.

Much of this canal has been filled in, but part remains in Thamesmead West and is now called the Broadwater.

Above, water surrounds properties in Moorland on the Somerset Levels Help: More than 1,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the South West and Thames Valley.