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Dating savvy - Chat rooms with pic swap

His pictures cover a wide range of climates and topography, or as he puts it in one caption: “From Tuscany to the Dolomites.” 3.He’s Ripped One particular image that stands out among his collection is a shirtless, ab-glistening photo taken in a picturesque waterfall in Oregon.

We are a spirited, friendly and welcoming group of individuals that are SINGLE and at least 55 years old.“Found Ferngully,” Knight captioned, along with the hashtags “#exploring #oregon #frightenedturtle.” All that hiking alone could get a guy in pretty good shape, but the 4.He’s Got a Sense of Humor It’s not something tech nerds are famous for, but Knight’s social media is filled with plenty subtle attempts at humor.Our events include, but are not limited to dinners, movies, game nights, music festivals, live concerts, race track, art exhibits, museums, wine tastings, brunch, dancing, day trips to a casino, comedy clubs and an occasional happy hour.Join us as we explore and enjoy all that life has to offer.According to his Linked In profile, Knight graduated from Princeton in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – and went on to get his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2011. He’s Adventurous On one of his social media accounts, Knight describes himself as an “adventurer” and “naturalist” – and judging by his photo uploads, he’s not kidding around.

Describing himself online as a “Tech/entrepreneurship enthusiast,” he’s spent almost five years working at Medallia Professional Services, which specializes in customer feedback. His Rebel Mouse page is chock full of impressive nature shots, including trips to Big Sur – where he reportedly went on a recent vacation with Watson.

BASIC GUIDELINES• Your profile must have an easily identifiable picture of you.

Your profile should list your name (doesn't have to be full name); just your first name is sufficient, but please, no alias’.

Requests to join without a profile photo of yourself will be declined.• If you RSVP that you will attend an event, please honor that commitment. A "no-show” is dis-respectful, rude and frustrates everyone. Three (3) no-shows in a six (6) month period means removal from the group.• If you are inactive for more than one (1) year you will be removed from the group.~~~~~All events held at a private residence are be for active members only.

I will remove your name if I have not met you before any event held at a private resident.

Safety is very important to me.~~~~~For almost 8 years I have personally undertaken the cost of maintaining the fees for the Meet-up site and now I am asking for your help.