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Dating places in tehran - teacher dating another teacher

Baloch women have helped their men during the war by treating their injuries and providing support in many ways.

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Baloch women have taken the responsibility of teaching their children moral principle and values.

Baloch poetry is one of the most beautiful poetry and one of the oldest in the World.

In Baloch culture poetry has always been combined with music.

The Baloch women play very important and historical role in the field of politics, social, economy, literature, health etc.

The structure of the society is being changing due to emerging the Baloch people from nomadic to semi-nomadic and agro-pastoral.

There is need of incorporation and promotion of constructive values, traditions and norms with recent rapid changes, revival of positive aspects and protection of the status women in the light of historical role and importance of women.

Introduction Baloch as a nation historically belongs to nomadic, semi- nomadic and a pastoral life style.

They further involved in milking and milking process, poultry, and egg selling.

Women have significant role in the development of livestock sector in Balochistan (Shafiq, M., 2008).

Particularly, killing women in Baloch culture is considered covertness.

The role of Baloch women through history is of times oversimplified and misinterpreted through the lens of recent history for which there are far more records.

(Research Paper) By: Panah Baloch Muhammad Afzal Qaisarani Abstract The Baloch women, constitute like any other social group, about half of population.

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